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OpenWheeler. A rail sliding racing game simulator chair. Excellent racing imitation

And, as for the arrival of OpenWheeler on the stage - well, it comes with an actual game driving chair designed just for motor racing, which superbly fits the chassis framework like a glove! In fact, the inventors sustained the original mounting base, thus enabling gamers to slide the chair backwards and forwards so as to receive their most favourite racing stance. This renders OpenWheeler an authentic driving mechanism with an extremely flexible functionality. The seat provides the racer with the feeling delivered by an actual racing vehicle and at the same time completes the single-seater simulator's structure. And the perception is superb where you can't contrast it with anything else practiced before, and, with the gamers feeling in control the whole time, it ensures complete car simulation! In fact, we can go as far as to say that, with the right navigation wheel, the racing car game cockpit becomes into the ultimate virtual machine.

A fully adjustable video game seat simulator

OpenWheeler offers a lifespan guarantee and is built with ultra lightweight yet strong components. It is easy to mount. It is collapsible for easy storage as well. It's the ultimate and most operable solution for those indoor racing simulations which offers an unbelievable true-to-life experience. OpenWheeler comes as a completely adjustable game driving chair which slides backwards and forwards on solid metal rails. Identically, the racing wheel is also adjustable, this being in terms of height, and, as for the different weight requirements, the pedal mount can be adapted to befit these as well. You'll also discover it's consistent with all chief video game racing wheel and driving home video game console brands.