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An impressive car racing game chair. Suits youngsters and adults

At first glance the OpenWheeler video game seat seems really awesome, but when you run it, it appears even greater. It takes racing simulation to a totally different level, and, as a gamer, you'll be stuck to the chair for good! And you will see there's a lightness and finesse here that you'll not have in other simulators. It's also an excellent tool for any home video game console or PC given the exceptional adjustability that OpenWheeler brings. And age or body size are not important - the car driving game seat can serve anyone and everyone of any age group, as we have said, from kids as young as four, to elderly persons, who still have the desire and the flame in them!

Turn your home into a racing course. With OpenWheeler

In actual fact, the OpenWheeler video game racing chair is totally superb - something, which gamers will find out virtually instantly, from the start: the initial important second... when your living room will be turned into a racing circuit. The chassis is blended with a professional car game racing chair. And you could claim this is what defines the essential contrast between race games and driving simulation.