OpenWheeler Video Game Seat (Review Page 6)

An Excellent Video Game Seat Reviewed by, 5 of 5 stars (An Excellent Video Game Seat)

Race Cockpit

Supreme driving realism. Truly remarkable

It is thoroughly unparalleled! This is the feeling you'll get when playing with OpenWheeler. It is home video game driving entirely reborn! It's completely different from using game console controllers, claviatures or joysticks. This is real life-like driving where even older and not so skilled video game drivers feel greatly advanced. It's swifter and more nimble. It's the seat that renders OpenWheeler special by all and every means. And you'll discover that racing in it is terrific and matchless!

Lifelike driving imitation and practice

As a matter of fact, we'd go as far as to say that race simulation has never been more true to life pitching racers and their race in superb rapport and symmetry with this fantastic piece of work.
And, if you're looking for an absolutely new degree of driving experience, OpenWheeler brings driving seat simulators to this desirable new level where you'll penetrate even greater peaks.